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An Ocotillo Obsession in My Artsy-Fartsy World

**Warning: A little bit of a rant ahead**

I have always been the excitable one in my family.
“Its really not that good, Vi.”
“What is the matter with you?”
I like something, better yet – love something, I’m all a-tither! My puppies can relate – yes, I have an invisible tail. I’m confessing now. I shake, I tell everyone who will listen, who makes eye contact. “Its a good thing, people!!”
Take it or leave it, that’s who I am.
And here I am sharing more of my Ocotillo Obsession with this lovely painting by an artist I am following on Instagram:

A photo posted by Mark Gleason (@markgleason) on

flourish on My Desert Love Blog   I visit these ocotillo images that I admire and see . . . passion . . . art . . . inspiration . . . technique . . . things I admire. Its not a “desert” day in my reflections, but more of my artsy-fartsy previous big-city life gone by.   The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of. Leonardo da Vinci quote at I was in Washington D.C. at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden years ago. I had a few hours to spare from a conference “Magnum” and I were attending in Baltimore.

I ran from museum to museum, so it was a blur of an afternoon for me. So many blurry moments, but all in all one of the most incredible afternoons of my life. There is one moment that I vividly recall at this museum. I couldn’t recall the name of the museum and when I found it, the images on their site barely triggered, but I remember this moment. . .    

I had less than handful of hours to run through D.C. and soak in as much “Smithsonian” as I could. It was my first time and I had no idea how motivated I would be to rush from one place to another. My eyes were so wide, my mind just pinging off one inspiring exhibit to the next. I promised myself that I would be back some day and it would be with my kids and it would be for longer than an afternoon – without a doubt. I was giddy, rushing from one museum to the next and then I stopped short.


The Hirshhorn Modern Art Museum loomed before me, the next one in line. Modern art was and continues to be a real challenge for me. The words “disgusted” and “annoyed” comes to mind when someone says “Modern Art” – but I was curious and decided to take on the challenge. “Its at the Smithsonian for goodness’ sakes!” Time not on my side, sculptures and exhibits flew by in a blur. Until one startled me. I saw it. Thought I saw it. Turned back to make sure. And I really saw it again.

Modern Art by Lucas Samaras

Book No. 6 (“Treasures of the Metropolitan”), (1962)

You see it?
That grey thing on the left?
What is it – you say? Art! Art at the Smithsonian, no less!
And it’s a plexi-glass form to resemble an open book with metal pins seemingly glued to it.

Do you see why I had no idea what I was looking at? Why I was compelled to look closer? It challenged me. I remember thinking, “What the heck? Pins? Why is this here?”

Now, years later – why do I remember it? Does the strength of this memory signify its significance? Its worth? Does it make it worthy art? Do I somehow admire this and just don’t want to admit it? Or maybe the thought of moving this piece has haunted me. Maybe they used a really big pair of tongs. Why would someone make something like this?
I met an artist once that was compelled to make art for the sake of being different. No technique, no craft, no passionate statement or vision, but rather just to get noticed for doing something no one else labeled as “art”. That is anti-art to me. That’s marketing, exploitation, and utter ridiculousness.

Maybe that’s why I remember this piece. Because I disliked it so. For all the reasons above and still do. I see no passion, I just see an accomplished joke and I’m all a-tither out of consternation.

I see no pleasure – felt no pleasure.  

You’re here for another reason and its for some Ocotillo Obsession and I think these artistic visions on Instagram will answer the call. They certainly do me. Always inspiring me to try new perspectives, lighting, times of day, etc. Ocotillos are so dramatic in scale and shape and so expressive. A really intriguing subject to capture.

My Desert Love Blog Ocotillo Obsession on Instagram
  Click on their IG name on the top-left for their gallery page and on the left, if you are logged in to IG – you can easily follow their amazing views. flourish on My Desert Love Blog And here we have a perfect way to start the day, an Ocotillo Sunrise.

A photo posted by Omar Ochoa (@omarochoamxli) on

flourish on My Desert Love Blog
Here’s the lovely Ocotillo Bloom for your spring dreamin’.

A photo posted by Cactus Jungle (@bobdavisart) on

flourish on My Desert Love Blog Here’s a close-up of the Ocotillo leaves in a soft grayscale.

A photo posted by Jenny <img draggable=” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” />” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” />” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” />” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” />” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” src=”×72/1f681.png”>” src=”×72/1f681.png”> (@jennyhelicopter) on

flourish on My Desert Love Blog
A beautiful contrasting background to a memorable Ocotillo day.

A photo posted by Mario Pigrim (@mariopigrim) on

flourish on My Desert Love Blog Before you know it a splendid day in the desert has come to an end. Here’s an Ocotillo Sunset. This one especially tickles me, because it downplays the saguaro – which is incredibly more massive in scale and popularity as the symbolic desert cacti.

A photo posted by Allison (@amayesingphotos) on

flourish on My Desert Love Blog
And finally a dramatic Ocotillo nightscape.

Note: I have made an effort to search these images for Google in an attempt to only feature valid talent. Please relay if I have overlooked and posted a stolen image. I believe in giving credit to where it is due.

These are all images that emit “oohs” and “aaahs” from me in my Ocotillo-Obsessed world. If they amaze you too, simply click to view more of their galleries on Instagram and be sure to express your admiration first-hand. Mentioning @mydesertlove sent you – would be ever so lovely and much appreciated too! flourish on My Desert Love Blog So you’ve survived my little rant? What do you think? I believe life is about progress and continuing to expand my horizons and challenge my perspectives, so I thought the following will be useful in my “Modern Art” journey. All Available at:  




@ 2015 Vi Dotter/My Desert Love Designs & Blog All Rights Reserved.

Ending image for other Blog Posts You May Enjoy on
and as always Sharing is Caring . . .


  1. September 23, 2015    

    Yes! We have these all over here in Phoenix, and I love them.

    • September 23, 2015    

      Glad to share the love. Thanks Brooke!

  2. September 9, 2015    

    I share your ocotillo obsession. They look like underwater plants to me — I see them in this place, in an ancient ocean, their limbs flowing with the current. We just drove Casa Piedra Road yesterday and saw hundreds (thousands?) of them — some of the largest I have ever seen. I kept thinking, this is my forest and these are my redwoods. Okay, maybe not as old as the redwoods but every bit as magical to me.

    Oh, and I **love** what you’ve done with the place! Your blog is fabulous!

    • September 9, 2015    

      Oh my – oh my. Do you know I just read a post listing all the things I should/shouldn’t be doing on my blog and feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all?! You are the lovely rainstorm we had earlier today that was so invigorating! Thanks for pushing me along when I truly needed it. I have read that ocotillos may live well over 100 years. I love their perseverance. In our desert forest we also have the cacti which may live 100s of years.

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