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Five Reasons for Prickly Pear Passion

Countless reasons to have Prickly Pear Passion and yet for this very first round, we have five . . .

5 reasons for prickly pear passion post - My Desert Love Blog
The succulent Prickly Pear Cactus, or otherwise known as opuntia, with its juicy ruby pear fruits (also known as “tunas”) and thick pads (or “nopales”) is obviously a popular treat for the desert wildlife. It has been specifically noted as a popular favorite with the javelinas. For us two-legged folk, back in 1995, Texas named the Prickly Pear Cactus the official plant symbol of the state and more recently there has been a resurgence in a variety of interesting usages in our American consumer marketplace.

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So, where do we start then? Beautiful color with so many juicy properties . . .

1. Delicious in so many, many ways. Firstly, Prickly Pear Cactus as a thirst quencher?
Thirsty? Prickly Pear Limeade may be calling your name.
Found this incredibly entertaining and luscious video detailing just how to quench one with the Prickly Pear Passion . . .

Here are some options for the prickly pear ingredient.
From whole prickly pears . . . to gourmet purees . . . to nectar . . . to syrup!

prickly pear puree featured on My Desert Love Blog

How about a Prickly Pear Cactus Tea – not only for its taste, but that it is used as an effective hangover remedy in Mexico. Hats off to those handy betalains, a rare class of antioxidants that gives the prickly pear that rich ruby redness. It is not something you take after consuming your fill of gorgeously, lovely party drinks, but rather several hours prior – so definitely requires plenty of forethought. You will be amply rewarded the next day by feeling less nauseous, head-worn, and no hollowed appetite. Yippee! What an example of planning paying off, or as Martha would say “a good thing“! Seriously, not supporting overdoing it on the alcohol side, but rather for those like me who can feel the yucky side effects after just one really tasty frozen margarita ~ this is really tempting news!
So, now that you’ve got the remedy, how about that party drink?!

Here’s the recipe if you’re interested.
flourish on My Desert Love Blog


2. Prickly Pear Cactus to charm the sweet tooth!

prickly pear jelly candy recipe post shared on My Desert Love Blog

Recipe on

Do you know someone who has Prickly Pear Passion? Someone who deserves a sweet treat? On the left you have a delicious looking recipe to those with the inclination to express their fondness through acts as well as beloved sweetness!

If you are like me, and candy-making is rather a foreign territory or you may be remiss in your prickly pear stock – happens to the best of us! Well, here’s the branded, conveniently packaged, easily accessible ready-to-order online option:

flourish on My Desert Love Blog

Now, I bet you’ve heard of the Prickly Pear jelly right?!
So traditional, ever so yummy and ever so Texas!
Here’s a jar I found that is once again ready-to-order-online! I just love that yellow label with the happy saguaro and
The Cactus Candy Company brand name is just so fun! My hubby, “Magnum”, is super keen on this jelly. Such a Texan, through and through, whereas jelly is a foreign language in Vietnamese food, so I had very little experience eating, never mind canning. So it is the one thing that gets him behind the kitchen counter for a change. Hopefully, I’ll be put together enough to put together a post the next time he does a batch! For now, I found this great looking recipe courtesy of Nibbles & Feasts:

Prickly Pear jelly recipe post featured on My Desert Love Blog

Click for recipe on Nibbles & Feasts.

flourish on My Desert Love Blog

3. Prickly Pear Cactus is delicious and nutritious!
It is a traditionally used in many ethnic foods, like Mexican and Native American, but it is currently rising in popularity in the mainstream as a nutritious option. There has even been potential “super foods” inquiries popping up on the Google-sphere.
While I was brainstorming for this post – on how to spread some Prickly Pear Passion – I connected with a fellow blogger, Fabiola, who lives in Mexico City. Who just recently posted an overview of how she throws together an authentic nopales ensalada, on her blog My Heart of Mexico! She chops up the prepped large, green prickly pear cactus pads (“nopales”) for an easy salad (“ensalada”) or vegetable side dish. Funny how things fall into place, isn’t it? So, please check out her approach and captures.
Also, below is a recipe from a recently published book The Gourmet Mexican Kitchen (2015) offering a different take where the thick pads or “nopales” are thickly sliced, grilled, and tossed.

nopales ensalada recipe featured on My Desert Love Blog

flourish on My Desert Love Blog
4. Prickly Pear Cactus is ever so healthful! 

So many yummies for our tummies – but it actually is good for your body in a multitude of ways other than being a palate-pleaser!

There has been claims to fame for prickly pear cactus as a dietary supplement with its potential to treat diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and treating of gastric ulcers. Purchasers on Amazon have shared positive reviews for this particular Planetary Herbals brand for reducing pain in the lower back, knees, and feet! A customer shared an increase in overall energy levels. A few used this for lowering their blood sugar and others for lowering their cholesterol.

flourish on My Desert Love Blog
5. Prickly Pear Cactus is good for outside-you as well as inside-you!! 
Yes, it will love you back.
According to an article in Elle Magazine, it will soothe, heal, and hydrate our aging skin!
Cactus seed oil—which also goes by prickly pear seed oil and barbary fig seed oil—contains larger doses of the very same vitamins and antioxidants that make Argan oil so great. This includes large amounts of linoleic acid (a fatty acid that is essential in stimulating healthy cell production and turnover), as well as vitamin E (which provides protection and helps skin retain moisture), and flavonoids, which are anti-inflammatory.

Cactus oil is light and absorbs well, while providing a huge kick of moisture to skin cells. And all of this, of course, bodes well for keeping our complexions looking young.”

According to an Amazon reviewer for the brand Botanical Beauty (brown vial) this oil is great for use on the eyes!

flourish on My Desert Love Blog

So, whether your thirsty, got a sweet tooth, hungry rumblin’ in your tummy, got some aches and pains or wrinkles to smooth away . . . Prickly Pear Cactus is undeniably a must-have for you!
Now that your Prickly Pear Passion has been lit, I am going to leave you with one last ultimate way to showcase and pass on the flame to all that you love and love you . . . a beautifully crafted Prickly Pear Cactus cake topper! Plus it’s edible!

prickly pear cake topper on Etsy - My Desert Love Blog

Available from Ruze Cake House.


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and as always Sharing is Caring . . .


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  1. […] First of all, prickly pears are the sweetest, juiciest, most delicious fruit there is. I’m serious! I’m pretty sure the nopal cactus has thorns only to protect this precious little fruit. It’s so sweet, it could be coated with sugar. In fact, there’s prickly pear candy and jelly, as you can see in this post from My Desert Love. […]

  2. November 22, 2015    

    Wow! Really great post. I had no idea there were so may uses for prickly pear! Can’t wait to find some of that jelly!

    • Vi
      November 29, 2015    

      Glad to put prickly pear on your radar. I was amazed myself. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

  1. How To Eat A Prickly Pear And Love It – My Heart of Mexico on July 11, 2016 at 10:56 pm

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