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Big Bend Author Spotlight: Elizabeth A. Garcia

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Love this quote from the archives of the mysterious internet,

“We lose ourselves in books we find ourselves there too.”

So true.

Here’s my spotlight on

Big Bend Author: Elizabeth A. Garcia

What kind of books does she write?

I would say her books are

  • fun
  • full of Big Bend love
  • enduring characters
  • dramatic plot twists
  • combo of intrigue, romance, and humor

You will be smiling, be thoughtful, and possibly teary-eyed. Okay, I cry.

I am a Big Bend sentimentalist. Her Big Bend love is without question with every book she writes. Each one managed to strike a chord with me. Even when I cheat and flip ahead of the storyline, her words never fail to touch me. “Why am I crying – I knew this was coming!” So true – but

So – I recommend her books because they are a great time in Big Bend. Whether you have visited and need to reignite memories of good times or reside here and just want to explore and reflect on other Big Bend ways of living. It is just something when a character in a novel walks down the streets you have walked down, noticing details that you have noticed and some that you failed to notice. I’m going to make a note of it next time . . . There’s probably a far more academic phrase for this that is failing me at the moment. All I know is it makes me smile and gives me a “ET” connection. You know with the long finger and all.

Course I also recommend her books for those who have no idea about Big Bend, but are in need of some good reads! She has several books out now for those who hate to wait around for more.

Here’s a more personal note: I am first and foremost a fan of this Big Bend author and secondly I am so grateful to be considered a friend by her as well. Her titles intrigued me on the shelves of Barton Warnock Visitors Center, one of the station gift shops here at Big Bend Ranch State Park. Always one to read the desk jacket for more information on these creatives that cross my path, I started to follow her on social media sites. To my giddy delight, she was very accessible and responded very generously to my inquiries. She became my guiding light as I emerged on social media with my creative venture, My Desert Love Designs.

I knew very little about social media. I was a newcomer to so many things. So out of touch with any group of any kind. A city mouse transitioning to life as a desert mountain rat. A proud Vietnamese-tarian completely isolated from all things Vietnamese. I am probably still the only Vietnamese in a radius of several hours here in Big Bend. I have cravings – yes indeedy I do. My bigger deals were becoming a mother, then a mother of two. I knew no other newbie mothers. We had no neighbors. Just the handy internet to turn to when mystery bumps appeared or persistent this-or-that caused the mama-heart to ache.

Another even huge-r biggee was relinquishing nearly all financial responsibilities to my husband. I used to bring home the larger portion of the bacon slab, but now I do my  fare share of gobbling it up without the accolades. Nobody gives credit to all the decision making to run the household, only for the ones who “provide.” Was this the motivator in my pursuing  My Desert Love Designs? In a way it was, but realistically it was a long term endeavor. Sure in the back of my mind there were thoughts of the “small biz lottery” – Wouldn’t it be something to go ‘viral’?

Wait oops – this requires you to have a ‘viral’ personality though. Just a-dreamin’ that’s all. Reality check! I knew it would take time and persistence and at the time I didn’t practice my mantra of

I put myself out there creatively. Challenging myself with social media, with design, with photography, with marketing and merchandising. Juggling all this with my family life. When I started my business I went online and reached out to my “friends” and family far and wide and the response back . . . to be frank . . . *crickets*. . . or more like *cicadas” out here in the desert.

Then there was Elizabeth A. Garcia.

Almost lost track of things there with my nostalgia. She would pull me back from my insecurities and disappointments with calm push forward. Go and be. You don’t need anyone else to push you through. She commiserated with me through my doubts and disappointments. She was really a stranger when she helped promote me and encouraged my social media pursuits. Sitting at my desk in the dark of night, I would cover my face, “Am I worthy?” thoughts crowding in. I would straighten up and made sure that I was. That she wasn’t wasting her precious time talking me up. She could seriously be writing books – for goodness’ sakes! 

I could search for “generous” in the thesaurus and use all the ones listed to go on and on about Elizabeth A. Garcia. At my desk, in the dark of night, with the rest of the house sleeping, all I had were my thoughts and her messages of encouragement. I could have slept – I could have spent my time clipping coupons and making my own detergent . . . butter . . . whatever . . . Instead I did ‘me” and I’m still doing it and having a giddy time – most days – doing it!

In the beginning of My Desert Love, I was ready to embrace my Big Bend life and pursue new challenges for a long term creative pursuit. Elizabeth A. Garcia was integral clarifying my platform for My Desert Love. In her books, her words, her characters, and her thoughtfulness there was the guidance that I needed and I will be forever grateful for.

here are the books by Elizabeth A. Garcia
(Note: I will try my best to update this list.):

2012 – Ricos #1
2013 – Ricos #2
2014 – Ricos #3
2014 – Stand Alone Novel
2015 – Ricos #4
2015 – Ricos #5
2016 – Stand Alone Novel
2016 – Anthology
2017 – Ricos #6
2018 – Ricos #7

My Amazon Book Reviews

Okay – Here are all my reviews that I posted on Amazon. I’ll keep updating and hopefully one day be eloquent enough to provide views for all her books.

2012 —

Warning: You will buy five more books in this series . . . or more . . .
Okay – this book is thoughtful, entertaining, and suspenseful . . .
I am a serious book lover – not talking about my intellect or anything, but that when I LOVE a book – I am totally SO grateful to the author, aka birth-mama or papa in my world. I am just a big book nerd – always have been, always will be.
So, I cannot thank Elizabeth A. Garcia enough for all the hours and hours of entertainment her six books have given me – (5) Deputy Ricos series and (1) The Reluctant Cowboy.

What I love about this first book:
Deputy Margarita Ricos – I would love my little gal to grow up to have so much heart and spirit. This first book is mostly about her personal challenges that she has to overcome with the case being more in the backdrop. It was very touching – I found myself tearing up and pausing on many occasions.
Big Bend setting – I actually live here in the Big Bend desert region of West Texas. My heart has set in this region, this place that my children adore and where they call their forever home. Big Bend is almost a secondary character in this story. One that provides the emotional support for Deputy Ricos through her trying times and motivates her through her investigations. This connection with Big Bend really resonates with me.

I admit to only starting series if I know there are several already published. Just in case I fall in love – which is not very often. I went ahead and bought Reluctant Cowboy and the other five Ricos books after reading this one — Told ya, I’m a serious book lover!

Told my kiddos that our next rescue pup will be named “Rico” or “Margarita”!!!

2013 —

Be prepared to stay up as you chase down the BONES!!
A great mystery in a fabulous setting – overall a really fun read.
Don’t get me wrong – the mystery is tinged with darkness. After all, we’re talking about bones and all. I think the cast of characters in this second Deputy Ricos book have more light than dark moments. I get really bored with mysteries that are too straightforward, with only one vein to follow. Ms Garcia presents more than one path in her books and I’m always left wondering how things will tie up in the end. This is the key to a good mystery read for me. Keep me guessing – keep me flipping – keep me smiling – crying – just feeling. In her first book you are drawn into Deputy Ricos warm heart, full of sorrow and yearning. She was further endeared to me in this book with her lighter side.

2014 —

You will need to reserve time to read right through to the end!
First book I read from Elizabeth A. Garcia. I was intrigued because I just moved to the area and was interested in the ranching lifestyle out here in West Texas. I didn’t expect it to be a touching coming of age story, which I usually avoid because it is often difficult for me to identify with junior fiction. I was pleasantly surprised and often very moved by the thoughtful story line that happened to be very pertinent to current affairs. The main character is a young male with a deep and considerate soul. No frivolity or silly shenanigans. No teenage drama, but rather a spirit that you root for, whose light you rally.

The West Texas towns were also very memorable to me, since I have been through each of the towns in this story so her descriptors really resonated with me. The characters were all distinctive and well crafted with clear voices.

2015 —

Your Heart Will Throb for West Texas
Couldn’t put this down. Totally intrigued and drawn in by the considerate characters.
Overall the messages really stayed with me.

Read the prologue and you’re hooked. There are two story lines intertwined – at times very dramatic and at times heartrending. Her first Deputy Ricos was very moving and thoughtful, but this one really took me for a ride. I was really disturbed by some of the scenarios in this book, but I was really propelled to the end by the mysteries.

Here are two blog posts that she contributed to My Desert Love:

The Diamond-Beaked Rockpecker and Coming Home.

My Desert Love Blog & Designs: Guest Blogger About Elizabeth A Garcia


  1. Vi
    July 5, 2018    

    I so appreciate the vote of confidence! Thanks so much Lindy – keeps me typing through the lonely hours. 😉

  2. May 28, 2018    

    You describe the familiar sense of place as well as Beth Garcia does!

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