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Vi Dotter - hello a little bit about me on MyDesertLove.comHello there! I’m V. Dotter.
In my first life I was a city dweller. It was a pre-baby existence. My career was in academics and specifically in the retail industry, earning a Masters in Merchandising at the University of North Texas. It was an exciting, busy, noisy time of my life. A time where desert living in far west Texas was not even a vague option. It was more like a haze of an idea that we sleepwalked into and has enveloped us in a warm embrace, changing us forever. Like all good forward steps in life should.

I am married longer than most of our friends. Years that I would not trade for anything, but often need the assistance of photos and media to revisit. All pieces of the amazing puzzle that is life. . . that is my life. We blinked and we have three furry and two two-legged beings in our midst. Parenthood fulfills us above and beyond anything we have ever been challenged with. Furry love so good in its predictability and steadfastness.  Our children also incredible beings that further the insight we have of ourselves day in and out. I blinked again and can hardly answer questions like, “how many years do you have mommy?” We live over an hour from town, down a beautiful rocky unpaved road. So, our children are homeschooling me. Every day a mind-boggling event. Children ask the most truthful and direct questions.

My hubby "Magnum" @ mydesertlove.comMy hubby will be referred to as “Magnum,” as in Tom Selleck and specifically during his western years. His ideal actor to play him in a Made-for-TV-Movie. A wool, dark green western vest with lapels, “just like Tom Selleck’s” is on my honey-do list. Yes, he is that enamored by this persona.

Our two little ones are renamed Cottontail and Wile E. Coyote (Wile E. “for short” — as my little boy would say).

My little Cottontail @ mydesertlove.comCottontail is actually more like “Princess” Cottontail — hey that sounds like a children’s book character in need of creating! Ah, I love AHA-moments. She is a sparkly sweet, precocious thing and yet “tough” — according to her, a “desert slicker.” Her ideal hiking ensemble would be a full-length gown, scepter, and cowboy boots – pink, of course! She would love it if her brother would play “Prince Charming” in her ballroom scenarios. He is more apt to play her rogue knight or other dark characters that stomp about with weapons a-ready.

My lil Wile E. @

The famous Wile E. Coyote is everything my little boy is. So mischievous, so full of ideas, determination, and a great need for speed — thank yous also goes to Lightning McQueen and everything that is Cars and Planes. As soon as he knew how to voice his preference it was for all things blue, shiny and on wheels. Always motivated to “be stronger,” “faster-faster!” He is my little warrior, always eager to come to my aid. No one protects his Mommy “betta.” He will one day catch that roadrunner and probably “eat it!” We’ll deal with the preparations when the day comes.

We also transplanted a couple of city critters out with us on our far west Texas adventure. Two prior-baby rescues, Rolly and Molly came into our lives and it has never smelled the same since.

Rescue a Lost Cause @

Rescue a Lost Cause — Click image for

Rolly is an old skunk of a Dachshund. He was initially very traumatized, a “lost cause,” being too old to determine the age and in a very unpredictable, timid state. There was uncontrollable trembling, cowering, snapping, and scars. An uncanny tendency to let loose his stink when startled and afraid. It was the opinion that he was kept for breeding, since he is without a doubt a handsome Dachshund. Very ironic, wouldn’t you say to tarnish his natural beauty with misuse? Plus he had heartworm. Again, “Why would you want him?” I guess, because he needed me and so at the time I needed him. I did not hesitate and wrapped him up in a towel and held this stinky “Tootsie-Roll”-looking thang and my life has been furry ever since, because now all “rehabilitated” he’s a pathetic, doe-eyed lap dog. If you send a mere glance his way, he assumes his roll onto his back position with his full underside revealed. Oh, this response is only for a select few though. He is still very shy of stranger and proudly assumes the position of head guard-dog.

Rescue a Pitbull @

Rescue a Pitbull — Click image for


Molly is another character altogether. She was rescued as an infant pup from a ditch by a family with several Schnauzers. The active furry group passed on a lovely friendliness to our pit bull – and we suspect part Labrador – sweetheart. “Magnum” trained her as a lap dog initially, so she has a tendency to want to plop her bottom on your lap if she gets you on ground level. I always associated dogs with furry cuddles and licks as big positive factors. Molly was overly equipped with these talents from the very beginning. In greeting, she leaps up for a fly-by kiss and when you lean down to make contact she will be found on her back with her belly ready for a rub. The only warning to be aware of is that her tail is not for the faint-of-legs. Furniture goes flying when she gets excited.

As their “doggy-years” have gone by, Molly continues to be a very social butterfly. Rolly, on the other hand, prefers more solitary pursuits much to Molly’s chagrin. So, I started noticing posts on Facebook from the Animal Humane Society in Alpine & Fort Davis and other community pages in the area for pet lovers. In the hopes that somehow the stars would align and we would get a match for Molly. Sure enough, we had kismet when I saw Cowpie.

Rescue a Tripod @

Rescue a Tripod — Click on image for

I didn’t know what a treasure he was when I first saw his posting and posted a comment that I was interested in more details. “I have 2 tripods of my own!” – was one of the responses. “Tripod?” – I had to Google it. I am very oblivious to most acronyms or “hipster” phrases — see that? I bet “hipster” is outdated! Anyhow, so I come to find out this 3-year-old Ranch dog has 3-legs . .  . and then he would be our 3rd dog . . . and on the day that I was to make my decision . . . my Etsy Store indicated that payment on my 3rd sale had gone through! 3-3-3 = Kismet!

Cowpie lost his leg a year ago and he has been hopping around ever since. I saw that face on the computer screen and something clicked, so much so that his 3-legged-ness failed to register! I told “Magnum,” “Who is going to take a 3-legged, 3-year-old large dog with no house-training and will be recently neutered?” Cowpie was ours. The owner was generous enough to provide recent shot information and again to neuter him, so we were able to by-pass adoption costs. We took him home and my little ones claim that our household is finally complete. That 3 is now our lucky number and that we should always have 3 dogs in residence. “Magnum” blames the campaign on me, but I swear they came up with it through their own miraculous way of concluding things!

There’s a little glimpse into my world. Where furry love reigns and curiosities encouraged. There will always be so much to learn and love, out here in the far west desert region of Texas. I hope I have piqued your interest.

If you have any questions or interests that you would like to share. Sharing is such an important part of learning, so please do not hesitate to comment. I would love to hear from you.


@ 2015 Vi Dotter/My Desert Love Designs & Blog All Rights Reserved.

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  1. December 22, 2017    

    Hello V, I just came across your Pinterest and it’s nothing short of amazing and I’m honestly dying for an invite to your group board “BOARDS I FOLLOW”. I’m know this is not the right channel to request for that but I don’t really understand the instructions you left. I promise to only pin quality content and abide by any other rules you may have. Thanks in anticipation and hope to hear from you soon.
    I recently started a blog The Gossip gal and I follow you on pinterest
    My Pinterest is pinterest(dot)com(slash)thegossipgal
    My Pinterest email is the email I’m leaving this comment with

    • Vi
      May 10, 2018    

      I’m so sorry that I took a hiatus from my social media. I had to take down that board, because it was hijacked with spammers. It was really gross and again all my fault, because I let it go. I started a new board and added you to that one. You would have to be patient and we’ll get the numbers/views back up. Thanks for the reach out. Best wishes to you.

  2. August 23, 2017    


    I am a blogger for the company Tractive. I would like to join to your lovely Pinterest group boards, because the pins are quite inspiring and I wanna learn from the other bloggers. The blog can be found at . The pinterest name is .

    Please let me know if I may join your board.

    Best regards from Austria,

    Christina recently posted…Moving abroad with a pet: a checklist against all the oddsMy Profile

    • Vi
      May 10, 2018    

      Thanks for reaching out Christina! I really appreciate your interest and just added you to my new blog board that I started recently. I had to let the other board go, because it was hijacked by spammers. If you are patient – I’m sure this new board will reach the same number of great views. I wish you the very best.

  3. December 16, 2016    


    I am a blogger who writes a blog titled ‘Where the Wine Is”. My name is Michelle Leonardson and my blog can be found at

    I would love to join your collaborative board on Pinterest and share with and learn from other bloggers. Please let me know if I may join your board.

    • Vi
      December 16, 2016    

      Absolutely Michelle! Would love to be updated on your posts. Are you following my Pinterest boards? I can easily send you invite to board once your listed – Is your Pinterest name Michelle Leonardson too? Thanks so much for reaching out. Eager to read up on what you’re up to, too!

  4. renata
    October 25, 2015    

    Vi, so nice to learn about your new life!
    You are always so inspiring. Love to see how you live your life to the fullest, always making the best of each situation.
    I’m so glad you allowed us, ‘city dwellers’, to follow you on your desert experiences. 😉

    • Vi
      October 25, 2015    

      Renata – oh my, you are one of the few friends in my “real world” that have visited my little online creation! Thanks so much for your support. What is the matter with me, right?! Always eager for a challenge. My children are at the very top – then there’s this – and then grad school doesn’t compare anymore! Life is more than I could ever imagine for myself. I am so grateful to share it!

  5. September 26, 2015    

    Love the way you tell your story in this section. It is very inspirational. And your photographs give a really good insight of what life in those latitudes is about. I really need to sign up for instagram!

    • September 26, 2015    

      Thank you – oh my someone has read this! Always boggles my mind. Thank you for your encouraging words. I appreciate all the insight you have to offer in your world Patricia. Your blog is a good exercise for my brain waves. I used to write more academically and so blogging poses a challenge for me in my chosen context. You really should start Instagram! With all the galleries that you all share, Instagram is perfect way to stimulate interest and you will be amazed at how loyal, generous, and interactive the connections are. I find it to be very stimulating and supportive. I just started in March and am constantly inspired.

  6. September 13, 2015    

    Oh my goodness do you have some absolutely adorable fur babies!!!
    Amanda recently posted…Madison and RayneMy Profile

    • September 14, 2015    

      I can never argue with that! Thanks so much. Don’t know what our days would be like without their wags.

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