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What We Can Learn From the Greening of China's Kubuqi Desert

A hopeful look at how the earth is always the answer – just take the time to listen . . .

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What Does the New Show I Love Dick Say About Marfa?

I might have to fast-forward through this middle-aged sex show just for the scenery – ha!

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Timeline Photos

Someone told me the other day, “The world has gone crazy and there’s no escaping it . . . ” Maybe its the mama-optimism in me, but I just raised my eyebrows and my heart ached a little with pity. Have they driven down our quiet, sweet desert roads . …

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Would You Stay if Your Home Became a Desert? | National Geographic

Living in the Gobi . . . desert regions have grown by more than 385,000 square miles . . .

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Joshua Ledet - Love Can Do (The Official Music Video)

“Don’t throw your life away It’s too beautiful to waste . . . ” A lovely song, but also the desert landscape is mesmerizing . . . Enjoy.

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Floating house in the desert

In the desert, let’s just go with the flows . . .

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This Is a Desert. Notice Something Strange? | National Geographic

So relaxing – but oops *warning: creepy crawlers aplenty . . .

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Fab Everyday

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When the Desert Blooms | JSTOR Daily

Nature is more beautiful than any canvas we could ever create – and in our arrogance we do our very best to disregard, manipulate, and destroy . . .

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Alone Across the Outback | Nat Geo Live

Incredible what one does in their search for self worth and discovery . . .

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Postcard From Texas: Davis Mountains Wildflowers

Sweet and peaceful way to start or end your day – from our west Texas desert . . . #bigbend #texas #wildflowers #lovetexas #nature #watch #video #westtexas #desert

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Epic Desert Mornings to Remember

Let’s share some beautiful mornings in the desert . . . As the days gets warmer, the mornings get earlier in my desert world. I have become an avid gardener and it has renewed my daily perspective of living and loving . . . and especially in our desert…

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Where to Watch the Sunset in Scottsdale

Sunset – nature’s gift to end every day . . .

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Epic Grand Canyon Hike: Thirst and Threats in the Godscape (Part 3) | National Geographic

You’ll need a full glass of water with this one . . .

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Los Angeles Times

This needs to be done for #bigbend! – makes me so excited for spring!!

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Los Angeles Times

Yellow is my favorite color . . .

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Photos from My Desert Love Designs's post

I’m not the only one eager for the spring showers. Ocotillos are special to our Chihuahuan desert and they bloom with the flush of moisture and some say for hummingbirds migrating through . . . #handmade #etsy #desert #ocotillos #papercraft #texas #bigbend

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Sean Parker Photography

“Good mornin'” said the saguaro. And it was . . .

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The Stream

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My sentiments exactly . . .

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