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I reside in the Big Bend desert region of Texas. It is a great inspiration for my photography and graphic design work. The desert landscape and its inhabitants can be so unassuming, but in close inspection and reflection it is all about endurance, perseverance, a quieter stoic beauty.My other great inspiration are my children. Every day with them is a humbling one; precious moments to recognize how much more there is to love and learn.My line of paperworks emerged from
::: a great love for paper as a medium of expression,
::: an interest for good old-fashion correspondence,
::: reflections on the impact of great literature,
::: and a deeply sentimental spirit.

It brings me incredible joy to share and hopefully ignite the love of the desert with my designs.

You can find my designs in my Etsy shop. Etsy is an online retail space that many crafters, artisans, designers use. It has been a very generous forum to join in and learn all there is to absorb when attempting to sell your work online.

Here’s the shop link – “Etsy: My Desert Love Designs”.

I design and create in between tending to and rounding up Cottontail and Wile E. I have a slew of ideas waiting impatiently for their time in the sun. There is just so much to be inspired by with the change in seasons and the days we lead. We live a quiet life, but the simplest things can be the most interesting and we encounter very passionate people. Big Bend is not an area that you arrive on happenstance. A life mostly off the grid for many who choose to live here permanently. Consequently, my designs are spurred on by desert living and desert loving – invigorating activities that are pursued in this area.

The desert landscape and the critters that fly and crawl all around here are obviously topics for my digital designs. Admirable and amazing characteristics are in abundance. My camera is constantly by my side, my digital library was filling to the brim with images that I felt were not of “art” calibre. Snapshots that were dear to me, but lacked a distinctive impact and enduring composition to attract a passerby. I love collages and decided to have a little fun with my collections by integrating images for a more appealing perspective. What I have then is a collection of dramatic digital creations of what we find so stimulating and amazing about our desert surroundings.

I am a fan of paper craft, so I provide the option of purchasing a handmade Kraft envelope with a coordinating sticker for each digital print or postcard.

card sets 02
Topics such as: Desert Landscapes, Birds, Desert Critters, Outdoor Adventures through Mountain Biking, Dual-Sport Cycling, and Hiking.I plan on providing gift set options for much of my work, that way gifting is an easy process!


bike cards
I have also always admired vintage postcards and movie posters.

So, I do offer all my prints in handmade 4×6 postcard form, as well as 8×10 photo prints.


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